J Mallory

Art is a Lie that makes us realize the Truth

—  Pablo Picasso

Often drawing from the energy and feel of a subject, my pieces are abstract, sometimes active, sometimes calm.  I am easily inspired by the warm waters of the nearby Gulf of Mexico.


I follow my brush.  Energy guides me as I create new creatures, abstract landscapes and translate the world as I feel it, through art.   Some of my canvas is organic -- palm bark and seed pods, some canvas is large, small, tactile, digital.  Remnants of a familiar world in my work is translated a new way of seeing.


My lifetime obsessions and studies are of subjects that have a timeless quality... distant horizons,  the movement of water in nature, and visual interpretations of music, specifically Jazz.

Fascinated with stained glass and miniature things, I have dedicated a portion of my studio or pushing the boundaries of glass which has resulted in the creation of miniature stained glass windows that you can wear.


I have a background in Arts Administration, gallery curating, arts ed., music, theater, educational program management and grass roots community projects.  I have been an art center program manager, owner and director.


fine art

web/graphic design


arts administration


Educated at The University of the Arts

Philadelphia, PA

1991-1994  fine arts major


Also various workshops in technical theater, theater production, music, arts education, ceramics, sculpture, exhibit curating, organic farming, permaculture,